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Music of 2012

Top 15
I couldn't make it any shorter without missing ones I listened less but still memorable ones

1. Bloc Party ''Four''
This is always so hard to choose the best album from many artists you love and albums with amazing songs you listened a lot. I choose these guys on basis of a)  they are one of my most favourite bands; b) it has so different mood songs, but lyrical ones are the most beautiful as always; c) I saw the live this year (yay!)
From the very first listening I was confused how disjoined this whole thing looks together - after slow song goes very fast and massive like they never did before in previous albums. But one day in the road I played it and fell in love with this record. Some say it sounds raw and created from pieces of every band member gave in it. It is different from what they did before, but not that much! They still have energy in fast songs and amazing sense of delivering tenderness by slow melodies and Kele's soft voice.
♥ Mean, V.A.L.I.S., Coliseum, So He Begins To Lie, Truth, The Healing

2. Lana Del Rey "Born To Die"
This year for the lady was very successful I must admit. You can hate her, you can adore her. Sometimes I do both. But I definitely love this record. Ok she wasn't the one who created it, but she is the one who has that voice and manner to sing. Her passion to old Hollywood movies and bad boys is her specific style she created. And songs are just fascinating. Not sure what will follow this album, but this one is worth a piece of gold. Would buy it for my CD collection.
♥ Video Games, Summertime Sadness, Million Dollar Man, Born To Die, Lolita

3. Atl-J ''An Awesome Wave''
Newies who everybody praise for such experimental record. I agree. I am happy I got addicted to their 'awesome wave' before that hyper about them. Song "Breezeblocks" soked into my blood and left in for long time. This is song which goes on repeat and everytime I keep on saying that maniacal and obsessive phrases "I'll eat you whole I love you, I love you so". It was worth to watch "Where The Wild Things Are" and see what a nice thing inspired Alt-J guys to write such song. ANd this song isn't the one I like about this record. I am very happy they got their reward for work they put in this modern record. Bravo!
♥ Breezeblocks, Intro, Tessellate, Bloodflood, Taro

4. Zulu Winter "Language''
Hard to place all loved albums, but ok, this one is on 4th place and here is explanation. Name of the band could sound freezing, but zulu people are not arctic ones lol. I listened this album in spring in rainy or sunny weather, and it brought me only sunshine and feeling I am flying a few centimeters over ground. This music in incredibly light and gives some fresh air to inhale as much as a wish to dissolve in it leaving no bothers. Listening to their music is like swimming in it. 
♥ Key To My Heart, Silver Tongue, Moment's Drift, People That You Must Remember, Bitter Moon

5. The Big Pink ''Future This''
This record was the first one I listened in the beginning of 2012. It was released on January and as I listened to every next song I liked them all. Rare and amazing feeling. Deep bass and good vibes. Worth to listen on repeat whole record from the beginning to the last song.
♥ The Palace, Stay Gold, Future This, 77, Jump Music, Lose Your Mind

6. Norah Jones ''Little Broken Hearts''
The irony and bitter words about another woman of her man - this is what makes special Norah's record. She says it being strong and indipendent woman, but unhappy still. And these emotions are wrapped with soul rhytms letting you slow down your hurry for some time and enjoy this record as a glass of bitter dry wine.
♥ She's 22, Miriam, All A Dream, Little Broken Hearts, Take It Back

7. Muse "The 2nd Law"
Expected for a long time, but didn't amaze. Further I most probably wouldn't believe any of teasers this nad going to give fans. They do have a bit dubstep in a record, but basically they created another ''Resistance''. Live they perform ''Madness'' using lazers just like on ''Undisclosed Desires'', and ''Explorers'' reminded me of ''United States Of Eurasia'' which they played next after the first one (13.12.12 in Riga). There are some old ''Muse'' we used to know, but it is undeniable they are moving forward, maybe in a way I don't really like. Anyway I found good tracks for myself in here.
♥ Panic Station, Madness, Supremacy, Animals, Big Freeze, Isolated Systems

8. The Killers ''Battle Born''
Another big expectation. But as always it happens that you need time to listen and get used to new stuff your favurite band created. Songs about girl and boy relationships and how sweet they are or used to be pissed me off! I needed to skip that kind of songs and look at these lyrics through prism of Hot Fuss. And after ''Miss Atomic Bomb'' video was released I was here sitting in tears. Thanks to ''Mr.Brightside'', which is one epic beautiful song. 
♥ Flesh And Bone, Be Still, The Rising Tide, Miss Atomic Bomb, Carry Me Home

9. Spector ''Enjoy It While It Lasts''
Sounds like one of these popular teenage indie bands. Nevertheless they could create really good record. Altogether it sounds as one piece and each song has its own magic and good vibes.
♥ Lay Low, Grey Shirt & Tie, Friday Night Don't Ever Let It End, Never Fade Away

10. Two Door Cinema Club ''Beacon''
It is inappropriate to judge album after its cover, but this is really confusing since last records cover was hipster cat. In the end after about 5 times of listening ''Beacon'' I got used to it. This album doesn't have its magic and individuality as ''Tourist History'' had. Every song sounds good, well done and in style of TDCC. I just hope they create something more original in the future.
♥ Wake Up, Sun, Beacon, Next Year, Someday, Pyramid

11. Linkin Park ''Living Things''
Since previous record it was scary to press ''play'' to that album, however when I heard it whole I was like 'They really did a good job'. In a mood of ''Minutes To Midnight'' and still better than ''A Thousand Suns''. 
♥ Skin To Bone, Roads Untraveled, Lies Greed Misery, Powerless

12. Keane ''Strangeland''
Dreamy and fresh as spring wind. Nothing surprised me in this record, but it doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it. Nice one.
♥ Starting Line, Sea Fog, Neon River, On The Road

13. Prāta Vētra ''Vēl Viena Klusā Daba''
I have no other word to describe these guys as 'positive'. They bring very good vibes, smile, belief in better things. I am really proud they are from Latvia and still make such good music. Still surprise with new sounds, experiments, appropriate lyrics needed to be said. 
♥ Mēles, Nākamā Nodaļa, Lantern, Ko Tu Vēl Domā, Butterfly In A Bottle

14. 2:54 ''2:54''
When it rains - turn on this record. Such enjoyment of seing grey sky, pouring rain, thunder rolls and listening to this cold music and flowing voice. 
♥ Sugar, A Salute, You're Early, Scarlet, Creeping

15. Cat Power ''Sun''
One of albums which is perfect listening in a sequence of how all songs are put together. Find time to think and reconsider by turning on this album. This is what Chan Marshall did. Six years passed since her previous records, so she does have what to say. 
♥ Cherokee, Manhattan, 3 6 9, Nothing But Time, Silent Machine

Year's disappointments

The XX - ''Coexist''
I am a fan of their first album and this one doesn't look complete as one whole piece. Maybe this is just for now, as always I say it to myself, but right now this isn't playing on iTunes for me. This is sad, because everyone do praise them.
♥ Fiction, Angels

The Temper Trap - ''The Temper Trap''
I was waiting this record so much when remembered of them and listened to ''Down River'', ''Sweet Disposition'' or ''Soldier On'' for 10-20th time. I did like ''Rabbit Hole'' and ''London's Burning'' and some other, too. However it wasn't enough to have a need to listen again and come back to this album. 
♥ Rabbit Hole, London't Burning, I'm Gonna Wait, Everybody Leaves In The End

The Vaccines - ''The Vaccines Come of Age''
Not a disappointment, just kind of neutral attitude. They released new album so quick after first one like they did have this one hidden in a closet in case things goes well. And they did. Happy for them, enjoyed hearing them live and surely will like more songs from ''The Vaccines Come of Age'', but not for now.
♥ Weirdo, I Always Knew

Year's songs played on repeat

Miike Snow - Silvia
Alt-J - Breezeblocks
Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine?
Calvin Harris - Sweet Nothing (ft. Florence Welch)
Jack White - Love Is Blindness

Year's favourite videos

1. Lana Del Rey - Born To Die

2. The Killers - Miss Atomic Bomb

3. Of Monsters And Men - Little Talks

4. Bat For Lashes - All Your Gold

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